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Monday, 13 June 2011

Babri Masjid - Another non-sense on our soil

The real Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babur and Babri

I will not get into the debate of whether a Ram Mandir actually existed on the spot of Babri Masjid.

I will also not debate whether Sri Ram – the greatest icon for entire humanity – was actually born here or somewhere else.

I will also not argue if a Ram Mandir should be constructed here or a hospital should be made as suggested by many intellectuals.

These are points which are completely irrelevant to this issue. Unfortunately these have been the points over which time has been wasted for years and they still continue to be in prime focus.

The bottom-line however is that even if one proves that there was no Mandir on this spot or Ram took birth in some other country, still Babri Masjid would have deserved outright destruction the moment India got independence. Kar Sewaks merely did the work that government should have done 45 years ago.

And the reason is that Babri Masjid is NOT a masjid or mosque in first place. Because Babur was not a Muslim in first place. He would long have been stoned to death if he were to live today in any Muslim country!
In reality, Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam. To know Babur better, let us not depend on claims of Hindu ‘fundamentalists’ or biased ‘right-winged’ historians. Let us instead hear from the horse’s mouth. Let us review the autobiography of Babur – Baburnama – which is available in all prominent languages.
For purpose of this article, we shall refer to the English translation by Annette Susannah Beveridge published in 1922. This translation was done directly from whatever portions of original Turkish manuscript were available. These suffice to establish the true character of Babur. You can download a scanned copy from http://www.archive.org/details/baburnama017152mbp

Babur – the homosexual drunkard child molester
The autobiography clearly establishes Babur as a compulsive homosexual child molester. So those defending Babri Masjid should first clearly explain if Islam justifies homosexuality and child-molestation. If not, Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam and hence any structure constructed by him is also a disgrace in name of Islam.

1. In Page 120-121 of the biography he says that he was not much interested in his wife but was maddened by a boy named Babri. He confesses that he had not loved anyone like he was mad for this boy. He used to compose verses in love of the boy. For example: “There has been no lover except me who is so sad, passionate and insulted. And there is no one more cruel and wretched than my lover!”

2. He says that Babri used to come ‘close’ to him and that used to make Babur so excited that he could not even utter a word. Because of being intoxicated, he could not even thank Babri for his show of love.

3. Once Babur was roaming with his friends when Babri came in front of him in a lane. Babur had loss of speech and could not even look at him due to excitement. He narrated:”I get embarrassed looking at my lover. My friends leer at me and I leer someone else.”

4. He admits that in passion and desire of youth, he got mad and used to roam around naked head and naked foot without even looking at anything else.

5. He writes, ”I used to get mad in excitement and passion. I could not think that lovers have to face this. I could not go away from you, nor can I stay with you due to high level of excitement. You have made me completely mad, O my (male) lover!”

Now this proves beyond doubt that:
A. Babur and his gang were homosexual and child molesters. Punishment for these, as per Islamic Shariat, is death by stoning. This is prevalent even today in Islamic countries.

B. Babri Masjid is nothing but a memoir in name of Babur’s sex-partner.

Does Islam consider monuments created by or named after such sexual perverts to be mosques or symbols of shame?
Hence, it is clear that Babri Masjid was nothing but a symbol of homosexuality and child-molestation. I do not know who were the people behind its destruction. But whosoever they may be, they have destroyed a structure of shame for Hindus and Muslims alike.

It is a matter of greatest shame that a structure which is symbolic of India being defeated by sexual perverts was considered to be a heritage site. If this be so, then perhaps the Mumbai CST where Pakistani terrorists fired openly on innocent crowd would be the next ‘heritage’ spot to be named ‘Kasab’ bhoomi!

Babur – the barbaric killer, looter, rapist, drunkard and drug-addict
(Only a few samples from this barbaric vulgar autobiography of Babur are being provided as it is too brutal and gross for detailed reading.)

- Page 232: He writes that his gang beheaded the innocent Afghans who came to him for truce, and then created a pillar from these heads. The same feat was repeated in Hangu where 200 Afghan heads were killed to create a pillar.

- Page 370: Because people of Bajaur did not believe in Islam, more than 3000 people were murdered and their wives and children were taken as captives.

- Page 371 – Several heads of captured people were sent to Kabutl, Balkh and other places to spread news of victory.

- Page 371 – A tower of cut heads was setup on ground to celebrate victory.

- Page 371 – There was a wine party on Muharram where we drank whole night. (Translator notes here that Babur was a heavy drunkard till end of his life). A large portion of Baburnama describes these wine parties.

- Page 373 – Babur took such intoxicants once that he could not go even for prayers. He further says that had he taken such intoxicants today, he would not have produced half the intoxication.

- Page 374 – Babur fathered several children from several women in his brothel. His first wife promised to adopt all these illegitimate children, whenever they are born in future, because several children born to her could not live. It looks as if Babur’s brothel was akin to a poultry farm for chicken production!

- Page 385-388 – Babur was so happy with birth of Humayun that he went to a boat with his friends and drank wine whole night and ate narcotics. Then they fought with each other due to intoxication and party broke up. After a similar party, he vomited a lot and forgot everything by morning.

- Page 527 – A party was given in the pillared porch of the domed building in Agra (referring to Taj Mahal falsely associated with Shah Jahan)

Almost all pages of his autobiography describe how he looted, threatened, murdered and plundered wherever he went and ate ‘haram’ meat. Note that the way Babur includes all this in his autobiography implies that he was proud of all this. One would shudder to imagine what all other crimes he had committed that do not form part of this self-eulogizing biography.


A. Babur was anything but follower of Islam, going by his misdeeds that can put any human to shame. And if indeed some perverts assert that Babur was still a Muslim as per their definition of Islam, then there can be nothing more disgusting than that definition of Islam.

B. Babri Masjid, named after Babur’s homosexual partner Babri, is a symbol of sexual perversion of a murderer and rapist. To call it a ‘heritage’ and implicating those who destroyed such a symbol of ‘barbaric perversion’ demonstrates how wretched we have become down the course of history. What can be said of a family that glorifies the person who r**** their ‘mother’, makes him part of their textbooks to glorify their history and resolves to protect those sites as ‘heritage’ which relate to incidents of that r***. (Am sorry for harsh language, but nothing else could describe this worship of looters better.)

C. Muslims should embrace those forces who created a movement for destruction of this symbol of ‘shame’ which was a slur in name of Islam for centuries.

D. Muslims lost a big chance by failing to destroy Babri Masjid to safeguard their dignity as religion of ‘peace’ and ‘character’. But now they should be proactive and destroy the other two symbols of shame at Mathura and Kashi, followed by thousands of others fake mosques/ tombs erected by other pervert sex-maniac, barbarics, looters, killers and criminals like Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan, Jahangir, Akbar, Humayun and all other terrorist rulers from Muhammad Bin Qasim onwards who had NOTHING to do with Islam.

E. Muslims should stop associating themselves with perverted misdeeds of these looters and terrorists who were anything but followers of Islam. They should stop calling these criminals Muslims and their noble ancestors. Instead they should associate with our true noble ancestors like Ram and Krishna which most common Muslims actually do. They should stop visiting all those fake mosques and monuments that were constructed by these perverted terrorists. And stop believing that these perverted psychopaths did any artistic construction and realize that all these monuments in name of these invaders were actually ancient buildings captured by them.

And finally, initiate a movement to start demolishing all those fake mosques which were constructed by these terrorists as this is greatest insult to all-powerful Allah.

Q: Does it mean you justify destruction of Babri Masjid and the violence that happened afterwards?

A: Let me ask you, do you justify deeds of Babur? If not, then why have soft corner for preserving his heritage that only denigrates Islam?

Further, we are discussing a post-event scenario. This does not mean we justify the event in itself. In a mature society, this destruction would have happened peacefully and with full cooperation of Muslims. But in a society where vote-bank politics abound, this completely secular issue got colors of communalism. This is most unfortunate.
Well, if you ask us that would you destroy say, the Kashi or Mathura mosques today, our answer would be an emphatic NO. This is because we don’t want unnecessary disturbance of peace and victimization of innocents. Same goes for Ayodhya. Agniveer is completely against anything that causes torture of innocents or rise of fanatics. We believe in battle of minds played with weapons of love, rationality and compassion. Other physical weapons are too primitive for our army. So we would, on contrary, promote the true perspective so that Muslims themselves stand up to destroy these insults of Islam. That is the right way – peaceful, intellectual and just. For us Muslims and non-Muslims are artificial classifications. Everyone is our family member and this issue is anything but religious.

However given that the destruction has already happened, we believe that it was a symbol of anti-Islam that was destroyed. And hence, now that whatever has happened cannot be changed, we better leverage the most by promoting this destruction as Solidarity Day.

So instead of blowing the event out of proportion and shed crocodile tears, true well-wishers of Muslims should attempt to differentiate Islam from deeds of these perverted rulers who mocked every basic tenet of Islam. If Islam means Peace, there is no place for having soft-corners for butchers like Aurangzeb, Akbar, Babur, Ghori, Ghazni etc. Instead noble Muslims like Ashfaqullah and Hakim Suri should be made icons of Islam. Their birthplaces should be made heritage locations rather than trying to defend symbols of shame erected by homosexuals, serial killers and rapists.

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