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Monday, 14 March 2011

What keeps you happy? (Part 1)

Am I not happy? or do I force myself to be happy? Why is it so difficult to be happy? When I get depressed, I feel as if I'm the most lonely person in this universe. Its so much hurting. Actually I love hurting myself, thats when phsychatrists say I'm suicidal? This state of emotion is very dangerous. I loose my senses, I fail to realize what's good and what's bad. Yesss thats when I go non-sense. I call myself non-sense. Why am I doing this? Is there anyone who is particularly benefited? Well my answer is a "no". As it says when I'm not benefited and no one else is benefited by doing a certain act, its simply non-sense.

I have always realized the energy that surrounds me. The energy that spreads out from the people surrounding you. I have heard someone saying that you are surrounded by spirit no matter what place you are at. Be it a temple or a mosque, a church, a funeral place your own house, your own classrooms and labs, these spirits never leave you. These spirits in layman terms are the positive energy and negative energies, where the energy is nothing but the spirit. The good spirits forms the positive energy and the evil spirits form the negative energy. The spirit inside you forms your mind.

Human body consists of seven chakras. The heart chakra which is the fourth chakra is the center of our entire chakra system. It is located in the center of the breast and connects the three lower physical and emotional centers to the three higher mental and spiritual centers. Your own atman or spirit lies in the heart chakra. When you say "I" you touch this chakra. When you say "my mind" you touch this chakra. Though your brain lies inside your head you love from here. "The people whom you love are inside your heart and not in your head." But you might wonder your heart just filters the blood and supplies oxygen where is this memory card located inside the heart. Well your physicall location of your memory is the brain but the emotions comes from your heart. This heart chakra is the secret behind those emotions and your sentiments and it is the spirit that locates in the heart chakra and this spirit could be a a positive one or a negative one, a good one or an evil one.

If a negative energy or a if an evil spirit influences you, you develop fear, which causes stress, frustration which makes you feel distinct from others and makes you feel lonely and eventually makes you the unhappy person.

If a positive energy or a good spirit influences you, you smile, you laugh, you enjoy life, you feel the freedom, you will be free off any fear and eventually making you happy and satisfied with life. If you think lust and money are negative energies, you are wrong. Any feeling is an outcome of positive and negative energies. The people surrounding you and the energy surrounding them could influence you. That is why experienced people say you can achieve anything out of confidence. When you are confident, you are full of positive energy. A desire, you ambitions, dreams are all just materials inside your brain. Your confidence to achieve them depends on what energy you are surrounded by. If you have fear inside you, you cannot be confident.

So what keeps you happy now? These spirits surrounding you? I'm surrounded by people who are sadists. I daily see dead faces. I used to get very good marks in my school days, this college students are all so selfish, My roommate too is so selfish and never shows a happy face. How can I be happy?

(to be continued........)

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