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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Disclamier

Kishore Ajwani (A news reader, just a reader at STARNEWS). A faithfull DOG of the congress politicians. Helping  them in all the way he can as a journalist at the Star News. His Twitter id: https://twitter.com/#!/KishoreAjwani.

This is not just a disclaimer on my blog but also a prrof of how crooked and criminal minded are our own journalists who delivers the news to the entire nations. Are these men to be trusted ? Read this !

This man in a recent conversation with me, I have to call him an "asshole" for being extremely cheap and irresponsible and for being over biased over Shri Baba Ramdev for he said that the Congress will loose the elections in U.P. He felt very bad for me calling him an asshole. Later I myself made a formal apology for calling him an asshole.

Over the past few weeks this man is trying to trap me in all the possible ways he can. He succeeded in finding me on LinkedIn which even a 10 year old can do. He got my personal details. He has been threatening me for a long time now. He threatened me that he will put my job and career at stake. He threatened over my security and the security of my family. Recently he even attempted to call my company and he informed our HR manager that I'm using the company's network for posting articles on my blog "http://desertrosepost.blogspot.com/". It is to be noted that I have never used my company's' resources to post any articles or comments anywhere on the internet. The funny thing is we do not have access to the internet at my workplace. He somehow managed to hack into our company's network which is a crime and got my ip and he claims that I'm posting articles through that IP.

This is a disclaimer from me stating that I'm the sole responsible for this blog and it's contents. No other person or no other company or no other organization has anything to do with it's contents. Neither am I a part of any organization nor associated with any second person. The contents of this blog is a result of my findings and research that I did on the internet and books. I have been linking the source of all the articles. All the articles on this blog has been posted from me from my home, from my own PC and I use my internet connection for which I pay every month.

I'm just one among millions in India who is fed up of the dirty politics and some irresponsible journalists like Kishore Ajwani. I feel so sorry for making an apology to this person. I will continue to post articles on whatever I feel is wrong in the society.


  1. he looks like a pig. Good job desertrose. He is really an asshole. Me too has seen few of his videos. He will die like a pig.

  2. I myself am an aspiring journalist and it is people like these that give this noble profession a bad name.When the watchdogs of the socety themselves act like dogs,it really becomes a scary predicament.