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Sunday, 13 May 2012



The AUTONOMY: Myth number 1

This is a very involved topic. This itself will need a long blog post to do justice to all parts. But since this keeps coming in all Kashmir related discussions, let's provide a few real scholarly links which would quench the knowledge thirst of any serious reader. For starters, 26th October 1947 was the date when Jammu and Kashmir princely state's maharajah, Hari Singh, signed a legal accession document to bring the state as a part of India.

a) V.K. Krishna Menon's marathon speech at UN lasting over 8 hours, on 23rd January 1957 is the ultimate place to figure all answers to misconceptions being floated in the plebiscite aspect.

•Part 1: http://www.un.int/india/ind29.pdf
•Part 2: http://www.un.int/india/ind31.pdf
•Part 3: http://www.un.int/india/ind30.pdf

b) A book by Jagmohan, former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir during the most turbulent times - My Frozen Turbulence

c) The Origins of a Dispute book by Prem Shankar Jha.

d) The Secular Agenda book by Arun Shourie.

e) Vision of India and Kashmir's place in that vision.

f) Kashmir: Illusion and Reality

g) Autonomy: Nuts and Bolts of Operational Reality.

Please read article from the source

Kashmir Valley Muslim Victimization: Myth number 2

Two maps would illustrate most of the things we want to convey on this important sub topic. Here is the tiny valley that everyone focus on as "Kashmir problem".

However, the image below is the reality of Jammu and Kashmir entire state, including the parts illegally occupied by fuck'd up Pakistan and China.

Thus "Kashmir" that media portrays is about 7% in area of undivided Jammu and Kashmir, or about 15% of Jammu and Kashmir state within India today. Ladakh, about 59,000 sq.km in area, which is 58% Buddhist, plus has a Muslim region of Kargil, has no "problem". Jammu, about 27,000 sq.km in area, which is about 70% Hindu ha no "problem". So essentially, 86,000 sq.km of Jammu and Kashmir which is under Indian control today, has no alienation or "problem".

Coming to jobs. There are around 4,00,000 government jobs in Kashmir valley alone! That is about 6 to 7% of the entire valley's population employed the government. I don't think there can be another state or division in India where you can find such a high number of population on government pay roll! Let's not get into who might have taken over the 60,000 odd government jobs that Kashmiri Pandits were in, before they were kicked out of the valley by gun totting muth fuk'n Jihadis squad.

Land: Jammu and Kashmir was probably the first state in India that reformed land, essentially giving lands to the tiller in late 1940s. Most of the large land owning Kashmiri Pandits lost huge amounts of land overnight.If one looks into the land ownership in Kashmir valley today, almost everything would be owned by Muslims.

If one is serious to learn about learning statistics of how Muslims, particularly Kashmir valley Muslims, are dominating every segment of Jammu and Kashmir administration, check out this highly informative link:


It is really heart wrenching to see the fate of pandits who were forced out of their homeland and left in the lurch and any number of their agitations are not even in public eye.

So plenty of government jobs, plenty of government package/investments, complete land ownership, lack of poverty compared to rest of India, must tell us that the whole Kashmiri Muslim victimization campaign is quite shaky.
Islamic Terrorism caused Kashmir Refugees. {Source: thekashmir}


  1. I am a muslim from Jammu and Kashmir now part of Pakistan and this is all true. I'm sorry brother.. But you Indians are assholes. Seriously assholes. You all live in fear. You don't know how to fight back. You don't respond. You haters among yourself. I really regret that I'm in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. We were helpless. There were many good people among us too. In my own family there were few men who killed and occupied Hindu homes, we all hate them. You feel cheap to be communal even when it is necessary. You Indians live in the present. You never think about the future. I completely blame upon you native Indians for whatever happened in Assam, Kashmir. In many parts of your country there are many associations who work for development and spread of Islam. You never care. You just speak of it. I personally hate Islam to the core. I hate every other muslim. But then I pity you Hindus.

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